Need help with email form

can someone help with creating a form where you can type a message and it will then send an email, just like support

Hi, to send emails from your app you’ll need to use an API that provides you with email services. Maybe this blog post could help you get started:

I’m having trouble with setting that API up and all that. I think if you could make a tutorial where you make an email form with name, email, and a message a lot of people would be happy to have an tutorial

Hi, it’s really specific to the API how this works, so a general tutorial on the topic is difficult to give. :confused: The APIs do provide you with documentation when it comes to how you should connect to them (what HTTP methods to use, how to authenticate, which headers to include, which fields to include in the request). With this information you can connect them to AppGyver’s Data Configurator or make single requests (to for example send one email) with the “HTTP request” flow function.