Need help with social public forum

Hello everyone,

So I followed a tutorial on youtube and made a very basic forum app which is great to get me started as I was clueless before that. But, now I need to get into deeper stuff.

What I have now is users can input text and it will display on the main page, there is no registration nor profiles and it is completely anonymous, but I need to assign “usernames” to users to differentiate everyone to have the discussion make more sense to everyone, so the original poster for example would be assigned “OY” and the users would be numbered depending on who commented first, all of this would be assigned for a specific thread and would work the same way for every single thread.

I also want to tag each post and comment with the devices’ location when the post was made, and it would show to other people in relation to their location (so; here, near, very near, far, very far.)

And the final thing for now is I need to have a voting system like Reddit where people can upvote and downvote the posts and replies, and when a post or reply get’s a specific number of downvotes it gets deleted entirely.

Right now how I have it is I have a scroll view with a container that repeats both a list item and a car (I added both because I didn’t know which one I can use with the requirements I have) later on I would like to add the ability to take pictures, I am assuming I can just add an if condition and it would work fine with this set up, correct? I hope I won’t need to change everything from the ground up.

So, are there tutorials or guides that would help me with this?

Sorry for the long post, I need a whole lot of things and I have zero experience in all of this.

If you can list what searches you have already done in the forum and in documentation then we can help improve them so you find the best resources.