Need Page Duplicated in App

Admins and moderators,

In my app (#230459), could you please duplicate the “Lift WOD” page? I need the original “Lift WOD” page and three (3) copies of it. (You can name them Copy 1, Copy 2, and Copy 3.)

Thank you!

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Hey @KRB, you can copy UI elements & logic over to another page like this:

  • create a “root container” where you drop all your page content (if you want to do the copying in one go)
  • create a new page
  • choose the root container and copy it to clipboard with ctrl/cmd+C
  • go to the other page, paste with ctrl/cmd+V

Finally, go through all the logic flows and update them to make sure that the logic is still intact, especially if there are any flows referencing the outputs of another flow.


There are some components in my page that ought to be in page layout level and not in any container (floating button). How can these be moved to another page? Would the page and data variables move too? Should I need to configure the data resources all over again? Will the logic on Page Mount move too?

put them all in a container even if this is just for copying them or copy them separately

I did create a root container for copying purpose. The only advantage was that all components were copied in one go. However the page mount logic was not copied over. My page mount logic is quite complex (almost 50 flow units). So this is a big pain point I’m facing now. Am I missing something here?

Hi @Kaushik_Bhattacharya, if you have some Page mounted logic that is the same or similar for each page, I would consider placing it on the Global Canvas:

And then triggering this event on page mounted from other pages:

The DRY (don’t repeat yourself) principle is a good one to follow also when it comes to no-code development, so whenever you feel that you are doing the same thing in multiple places (be it view components or logic), try to think of ways to do it dynamically in one place. This will help you a lot in the future, as if something breaks or you need to make a change, you’ll only have to do it once. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advise. Would surely try that way. Actually I’m doing this in purpose to segregate dev and test environment (talking to different Firestone collections). Also to maintain a safe version all the time. Since we don’t have much control over backup/restore I’m doing this manually to safeguard my work.


Jesus Christ you save my life, thanks. @Mari

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