Need some helps with the Data Resource, REST API!

Dear, I’m kind of new with programing and REST API.

  1. As I knew, with the native language code, for example Java, when you need to deal with data : you must CREATE a new file in the smartphone storage and then write and read data with that file.
    And with Composer Pro, as I imagine that CREATE process in Java equals with ADD DATA RESOURCE then choose Client-side storage. Is this correct ?

If it is correct, when u set Resource ID = “anyname” so that “anyname” will be the name of the data file ? ( For example : a data file names anyname.txt/anyname.xml/anyname.dat/… will be created in client mobile storage ). Is this correct ?

  1. With the Client-side storage => Resource ID = “anyname” : each client who using my app will have their own unique separate data file name “anyname” in smartphone.

But what will happen with the REST API direct integration resource in the cloud storage ?
We set the Resource ID = “anyname”.

For example, there are 10 clients who using my app so it will automatically create 10 data files in the cloud storage name “anyname1”, “anyname2”, …" anyname10" ( It cannot be only 1 data file “anyname” in the cloud storage for all 10 clients ). Is this correct ?

If it is correct, for example, my client number 5 no more using my app and uninstall it. Will it automatically delete the data file “anyname5” in the cloud storage or that file will remain there ?

Hi! If you have a rest api, you don’t have to create the data anywhere else again :slight_smile: We have tutorials on this topic here for example.

Thank you ! I will give it a try. But when user uninstall the app, the data will still remain in the cloud ?

Yes, whatever data you have in the cloud/rest api remains in the cloud unless it’s deleted! If there’s something that should be deleted, save it on the device instead.