Need text to blink

I am trying to get a line of text to blink as a warning when visible. Can anyone let me know how to do that? It is not essential to my program but it would be a great safety feature.

Thanks in advance.

I would use page var where you set color and a 300 ms loop with a delay in a flow similar to this:

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“where you set color”
I set my color in the style box.

Although I understand the concept, I am uncertain where to put this in my logic. I have a button which sets a series of equations in motion but when I try to insert your suggested loop in, I cannot get the desired delay. I have put the above in-line with other logic, attached it at the end of the logic and put it separate off of the button and still nothing.

I have changed the text box from standard text to a page variable using text instead. (It is part of a container/cell/text box layout.) I’m confused.


I would add 2 set pageVar to the canvas. One with the red and one with the yellow color, for example.
And a delay between each + a loop. Then bind the text color dynamically to this pageVar.
This is by principle and need fine tuning, I’d need time to revert to you tonight.

Other quicker solution is to have twice the same text (or button), already set with their own color scheme. Bind one to true and the other to !true value of a true/false pageVar with true as init value, with a 300ms delay loop attached to it.

Solved the problem by creating a data variable/delay/data variable/delay loop.

Used the first data variable for the message to display with the first delay being how long it will be visible.

The second data variable resets it to " "—creating a blank—and the second delay is the time the message is off.

Thanks for your help.

Great but looping on a data var creates a ton of reads on your backend. And you may reach some limits very soon.