Need to filter a database of various components based of component type

I have a backend less data base connected with various component types (Brass, Bullets, Primers, Powder)
When the brass soft tab is selected, I need the data displayed (SKU, Qty On Hand) to show only the values where the item type is brass. (Same for the other tabs based on their item type.

I have the soft tabs changing border and color based off a page variable (selectedTab)

I love how easy the front end of Appgyver is to design, but I am struggling with the data side.

what database you use?

I am using Backend less as the database.

oh ok i don’t know about that but if you’re interested in in app filtering, you can use this formula


I tried select, but it was giving me a formula error. When incna get back on it I’ll screen shot what I was trying to do.

I supposed you are displaying the data with a repeated list.
One way to filter the data to be displayed is to make use of the “visibility”. You can connect the visibility of the list item to a formula that check for the “seletedTab” e.g. (CONTAINS(current.type , pageVar.selectedTab))

if a more sophisticated design is required, you may need to use the conditional renderer from the market and create one container for each soft tab.

This worked great!!! Such and easy formula!!! So now my next question, what would I need to also add a search function to it where they can search based of the SKU value (eg 9mm to just show the top item)

You may find this useful: Power-up: Sorting and Filtering data - AppGyver

Basically same trick with the visibility, with one more condition to check with the search criteria stored.

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