Nested Field Limit?

Hi! I’m trying to create some complex documents in my database, like this:

However I’m finding that when I run a “Get Collection” Test in the Data tab, sometimes it will work fine, but sometimes it will hang on the “Status: Running” step:

I’m also experiencing similar behavior (sometimes working fine, sometimes hanging) in the app itself when I run it in Preview and I get to the step where the app would be fetching this collection of records.

Any thoughts on why this might be happening? My instinct is that it’s an AppGyver limitation related to the layers of complexity in the object and maybe the only solution is to make it less complex, but I could be barking up the wrong tree.


Hi there!

As it is hanging on the test step my guess is there is some intermittent connection issue to the database. Does the backend you’re using have some connection limits in place? Depending on the logic of your app you could be making a lot of requests in a short span of time, which might cause the issue.

I am making a lot of requests (20/sec/user) – but that was already the case and running smoothly before making this change, and it’s Firestore so I’d be pretty surprised if it were a connection issue on their end.

I reworked the data into a simpler structure and the hanging issue seems to have disappeared. If there are nested field limitations (or practical guidelines about when things start to slow down) it would be good to have a handle on for future work / data structure planning though.

I think if the cause would be in Composer, then you’d see a gradual slow down and perhaps some of the deeper nested levels missing. However if the test tab stays blank, it means the data is never even arriving to Composer and that the problem is going to be in the connection to the API.