Network error, trying to download app descriptors

Hi, My App was fine. I made some changes and that caused an error. It hangs at start up and the error message says “Network error, trying to download app descriptors.”

Can you please help me correct the bug?



Hi Michael,

I dont believe its an issue with your app, as I too am having this issue just now.

May be a problem with the Preview server/network. May need to try again later.

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I just tried it and it is working again. Thank you Chris. Michael

This problem keep popping up everyday since the first day I started on AppGyver. No comment from the AppGyver team?

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We have had intermittent slowness that we haven’t been able to place as of currently, but we have added capacity in hopes that that would help in general – if we figure out the more precise problem areas, we will fix them.


I am still experiencing slow save times, and app load times. Just wanted to chime in.

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If it helps, I’ve got it right now. Had it quite a few times since I started with AppGyver about 3 weeks ago.

From the Composer, I select Launch, then Open App Preview Portal.

New browser tab opens, I select the app I wish preview and just get the spinner and now and again, the “Network error, trying to download app descriptors” appears.

I’ve tried closing the browser, restarting my Internet connection. Thought it might be something bad in my flow? Is that possible or more likely an intermittent issue with the server?


Getting the same error right now. Can’t load any of my apps on

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And magically, it is all working again …

Problem with this issue, apart from the obvious annoyance, is those of us inexperienced AppGyver developers start messing with our flows, logic etc thinking it is a problem caused by ourselves. It takes that long for the issue to be resolved/resolve itself that we’ve change half of the application by this time and broken it … :slight_smile:


@Mevi unfortunately it’s still happen frequently everyday for me.

Just out of curiosity, I turned off the internet on my phone after opening my app in the preview app, what I saw is that every 30 seconds this error would popup. The good news is that the app did not crash like it usually would, but naturally any app that require internet connect would become useless.

My guess is that the preview app is still trying to access AppGyver’s servers to download the app descriptors somehow, which I can’t quite understand why it has too, since the app is already opened, perhaps trying to refresh the app in case the opened app has been updated. And in doing so, the SAP preview app seems unable to handle the internet disruption, hence the error message, and perhaps the subsequent crashes too.

Just some additionally information that might or might not be useful to your team.

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