Network status -

Does network status actually check for access to the internet or just presence of a network connection? Ie, its pretty easy to have wifi but no internet.

What does it ping to verify connectivity? Or is there a variable inside the phone that does this and the Appgyver variable is just checking this?

I know I can test it, but was hoping for something definitive to save a build, load, test cycle, especially since it just shows as none on Webapps.


Had a quick look at the code of network status, and from what I can tell, the answer is that in its current form, it does not check for internet access, only for which type of network the device is actively connected to. An additional system variable would need to be added for the presence of an internet connection, and that’s beyond my ability I’m afraid. You can add a feature request for this, but for the time being you’ll have to come up with an alternative solution :confused:

Thanks, good to know.

If the feature request was accepted I´m guessing we are talking next year at the earliest realistically?

In the meantime, I will do a simply Get Record when launching my app and assume any failures are Internet related. That should work.

It depends a lot – we’ve been very tight on resources for a long time but we got more additions to the team last year and will continue to get more people in this year as well. But that’s what makes estimating velocity quite difficult right now – I’m not sure how quickly and how much our team will grow this year.

Looking at this again, did you have the chance to test this? It might work on mobile that it will give you networkStatus none if there is a wifi connection but no internet, or that’s at least its intended functionality according to the docs, so if that does not work, there’d be a chance to submit a bug report instead of a feature request, and those are more likely to be tackled quickly at the moment.

Hi Mevi,

I have made a copy of my app and will do some testing and let you know.

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It doesn´t function as it should.

I connected to a wifi source that had no internet connection and “network status” report as wifi. So its not an end-end test.

All it really needs is a ping to But if its going to be remodelled, then it could do with say 10 pings, check latency, packet loss and jitter.

I will use my improvised Get to firestore as a true network test for now.

Hi! Thanks for going out of your way to test this further and letting me know. I created a ticket for this here.

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An other interesting question regarding the network status , is that if you make a dedicated page using this logic, does the default no network message still popup (havent tried it but i guess yes)?

I´m not sure what “no network” pop up message you mean - can you screen shot it?

this is it

Is that on preview or webapp? I don´t see that on my android build when it has no network.

This logic of checking for the network is only necessary for ios / android as webapps won´t even load, so no end user confusion is possible.

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this is from webapp preview

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Thanks. With preview and webapp I don´t need any extra logic as no one can make it to the point where they need access to an online resource or get confused by what the app is doing.

I´m just looking for an elegant way to check for Internet access on Android and iOS where it looks like the app is hanging when it tries to load an online image. So my solution is to do a single Get and display a message if it fails on my loading screen, which is before my login screen.

to tell you the truth in the past that i worked with phone apps, i remember that there was a similar message automatically appearing.