New component: progress bar

Just playing around with the progress bar component, that was released yesterday. It looks like a nice tool to visualize numbers without the need to dig into the ‘D3.js’-component. :star_struck:

However, there is opportunity to improve it:

Whilie it works nicely, when performing a calculation like:

It is not working correctly with direct input into an input field (when progress bar and input field are bound to the same pageVar):

from my perspective there is no need to require an ‘inversible formula’, as the progress bar has no input-option anyways…

Hi @stayfoolish, thanks a lot for the feedback!

a) The problem is with the input, as it changes the value from number to text. The workaround is to cast the variable to a number whenever the input is changed. We’re planning to have separate number and text inputs in the future to avoid this problem.

b) Good catch, we’ll change that. :slight_smile:

added suggestion b) to the tracker:

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Wow, component update already done!! :smiley: :+1:

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