'New-Data-Record' Variable shown as unknown type

Hi team, can you help me please with this struggle:

Doing the tutorials with Firestore:

  • getting data from firestore and showing it in a list works fine. :+1:
  • recording new data to store into Firestore does not work: :-1:

Set up of ‘New-Data-Record’ Variable :

the ‘New-Data-Record’ Variable is shown as of unknown type. And it is not possible to select its properties.
(on opposite: the ‘collection-of-data-records’-Variable includes the schema)

the ‘New-Data-Record’ Variable does provide not the schema, that is defined for the Database:

Hi, thanks for letting us know! A workaround for this could be to store the data intermittently in a page variable that has the same schema as your Firestore resource, and then use a Create Record node on the logic canvas to create the record in Firestore using data from that page variable.

Thank you, the suggested workaround does the job. :+1:

As this exercise is for the firestore-tutorial, I still wonder:
is the data variable not working (as described before), because

  • I did something wrong with it and therefor it did not catch the schema of the database ? :nerd_face:


  • there is a bug with the new-data-record variable ? :space_invader:

I would really like to learn the appgyver-way and how to do it right :smiley:

After doing more testing it became clear, that it was not me using the tool wrong, but there is a bug. I am entering the finding in the bug tracker as well.

While the workaround (see above) does work, this bug should be eleminated, please.

The bug is as follows:
When using the firebase-connector and creating a Data variable of type ‘new-data-record’ for it, the type of the variable is unknown. Which means no properties of this data variable are accessable.

The variable does not use the schema of the manually entered firebase DB:

Reference - program working correctly with client side data base:
When using a client-Side-Database, the Data-Varibale of type ‘New Data Record’ comes with the correct schema.

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