New documentation update

Dear community,
We are constantly working on improving the learning experience with SAP AppGyver. Today, we are happy to announce the release of a new version of our documentation. This overhaul contains numerous content improvements, along with a better user experience.

Check out “What’s New?” on the Home page to learn more:

Note that Google and other search engines need some time to re-index the website. It is highly advisable to use the built-in search in the docs.


Great work, the new layout looks great and intuitive! :grinning:

After the change the ‘old’ links from the forum to the docs aren’t working anymore. Do you plan to establish re-directions for them?

I am in the process of gathering those around, but there are just so many links that it is impossible to catch them all! So thanks a lot for pointing these out :slight_smile:

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There was a font compatibility issue identified by our community & team members. As for today, the issue has been resolved, and the beautiful ‘72’ font should be visible to everyone.

@Kirill_Leventcov I found some topics are not displaying their content correctly. Trying to open those link directly came back with the message:

This page isn’t working right now redirected you too many times.

Here’s one example:

Not sure if there are others.

Good catch! Thanks a lot.

Congrats for the documentation update! It is much clearer than before :heart_hands:

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