New Firebase connector for duplicated project?

I have an initial project on Appgyver (ID XXXX) properly set up with the firebase connector.
I have duplicated this project (ID YYYY) with new pages.
After a day of successful build and test, I now get 403 PERMISSION_DENIED.

Makes sense since this duplicated project has a new ID.

Didn’t find enough documentation so I went on creating a new firebase project to “register” this new ID YYYY. But how do I remain connected to my initial database?
Do I need to preserve the initial “project ID” in the connector?

Why don’t you duplicate your Firebase base (ID XXXX) ?
Log in to your Firebase dashboard
Go to the base that you want to back up
Click the “Export JSON” button at the top right
Go to base (ID YYYY), where you want to create a backup
Click the “Import JSON” at the top right

Not trying to back up my fb data.
I duplicated my initial appgyver project on AppGyver and I want this new project to keep communicating with my initial fb database.

There should not have been any issue. I have done that about 4 times already and never faced a single issue…

Just really add the same credentials to the second app as you did in the first one. Really nothing else should be changed. Firebase has not changed, you use one single backend for an app’s client and admin-facing sides as well. That is the general approach.

Really check if all the id-s and keys are correct.

Then of course, if you have authentication enabled on one of the apps and in firestore you set your security rules to

if req.auth != null;

Then for sure you’ll get “permission_denied” as the client user is not authenticated.

So yeah, I guess you should be editing some of the security rules…

I did not change the security rules.
The test in preview worked for ~24h, suddenly no longer does.
I’ve put back the initial settings here:

The new Appgyver project carries a new project ID. Shouldn’t I “declare” this new project to firebase (I did!!) so FB can recognize it?

That project id is your Firebase project ID…

Yes, please! Please remember that that ID is not an Appgyver app-id, that is Your Firebase project id, that you can find under your firebase > project settings.

Reverted back to everything initial… Looks like it was a stupid browser cache problem, creating a mixup between both initial project and new project…