New iOS builds to require a different launch image structure for successful App Store submission

Apple has started to require a different launch image structure for new apps/updates, using an Xcode storyboard instead of static PNG files. The deadline for this is today, and unfortunately we had not yet taken the steps to enable this support in Build Service.

Thus, unless Apple has secretly extended the deadline still, you cannot submit new Composer-built iOS apps or updates to existing iOS apps to the Apple App Store, until we fix the issue.

We are working on a hotfix right now, and will post details in this thread ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience, no excuses for not tackling this earlier.

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This was a bit more epic journey than anticipated; we got a fix now and will deploy to production on Monday.

You can already create new splashscreen assets using the below guidance – the image will be centered/cropped based on the orientation and screen size, but not beyond the red max boundary area.

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This is now live and you should be able to deploy new apps once you’ve uploaded new launch screens to the buildservice.