New Kid (non developer) from Sydney about to build a two sided marketplace MVP

Hi there,

Have just finished the intro tutes plus the todo and movie review. Really enjoying this new world.

I’m about to embark on an MVP for my startup which is a two sided market place which will require both sides to onboard. User will create a profile by answering a questions (via Typefrom) and supply side will upload bio’s and headshots. Then I want them to be able to communicate via a video API.

Does anyone see any problems in terms of Composers ability to be able to achieve this?

Thanks all. Cheers. Pete from Sydney Australia.

As long as you’re able to get the backend side in order for this, Composer should be able to handle everything on the app side.

Can you elaborate on the video API functionality?

Hi Harri.

Thanks for the reply. When you say backend (see - I’m super new) do you mean in the way that I create the data records? For the MVP, we’re only looking to get 15-20 supply side users to service 50 users.

Well now with zoom offering password protection - we think that could be a viable option. Needs to be secure as the nature of the subject matter is sensitive.

Hi Harri. I’m going to hit the sack, been at it for a while. I created a page where the resource ID was “User Profile” and added 3 data variable to it - User Name, User Email, User Profile Pic. The one I find tricky is the profile pic. I installed the flow function ‘Upload files’ but got lost.

Correct me if I’m wrong but the next input and button I was going to create was a link to a Typeform I’ve made to build out the profile. Those answers will be sent to a google sheet or it could be integrated to MySQL?? Anyway - those answers will be used to match users with the supply side.

I’m flying a bit blind here but I’m determined to build this thing…