New Logic - Open page in bottom sheet

Hi Guys,
is there anyone that is using the new logic “Open page in bottom sheet”?
I was wondering how i can close it without changing the page: is there any event that could force to close it and go back to the origination page?
Thanks to everybody

That is definitely a cool way to open a page. I just wish I had a page that would benefit from being opened like that.

U r right!! Is a cool feature but if it cannot be controlled (closure/resize) for my usage it will be useless unfortunately
Does anyone know how to close the bottom sheet page remaining in the same page? I would close it whenever I click on the root page

Hey, there is going to be a new flow function that closes the bottom drawer modal. I don’t know the exact time when it’s coming out, but it will be in the near future!

I notice that navigation functions dont work like Open Page from these sheet pages

I’ve opened a bug for this

Hey Kristian,

are there any updates on this? Has this feature been released yet?