New Marketplace UI

With the recent platform release, we have introduced a major UI overhaul for the marketplace. Along with the overall re-design, several components are now powered by beautiful preview images.

You can learn more about the changes and navigating the new UI in the docs:
Updated Marketplace Documentation

:point_right: Let us know what you think!


With all due respect - since you ask what we “think” - I don’t think this upgrade was important.
I see many UI flaws in the composer, which have been reported before, like this:

And this. Why don’t you make the dialog boxes flexible in size (adaptable to the result length?)

And this

And this (happens when formula is more than 3 lines long)

What if you guys submitted a monthly survey with suggested upgrades and let the users vote for what they deem important?

I have also made a pretty smart (yes SMART) flow function UI suggestion, but no one picked it up.

So disappointing.

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