[NEW] Never lose your changes again

It has always been important to save your application regularly to avoid losing progress. Accidentally closing your tab would wipe all of your changes without an option to get them back.

Today, we are happy to announce that all unsaved changes are now temporarily stored in the local storage, making them recoverable in case of an accident. Now, if you ever close a tab without saving, simply open a new one and navigate to your app:

Your changes will be stored if you happen to log out as well.

Additionally, we have greatly improved account security by introducing a session time-out after 24 hours of inactivity with Composer. You will be required to sign in again after the time-out. Note that this only affects developing with AppGyver and has no effect on a built/deployed applications. Furthermore, any unsaved changes will be preserved.

If you encounter any issues with the Preview App or Composer, please report them to tracker.appgyver.com.