New New Runtime bug

I use formulas in my repeated containers Visible property to calculate whether they display or not, The new Runtime does not evaluate these formulas in the Visible property and therefore results in always FALSE, which means none of them get displayed. This works correctly in the old Runtime.

Hi! Sorry about the delay over the holidays. Which runtime version are you testing on? I tried on iOS 2.4.24 just now and formula visibilities seem to work for me. If the visibilities don’t work for you in 2.4.24, I’ll need some more specific information about in which situations they aren’t working for you :thinking:

Specifically I meant to say that this occurs in Repeated containers. For example, in one of mine I use this formula in the Visible property:

IF(!IS_EMPTY(current.UID), true, false)

Which checks whether or not the UID of the current item is empty. I havent tested this on a single container object, but it definitely doesnt work on Repeated containers.

Im using Android and whatever version the newest Preview App is.

Ah alright I see. In that case, what are you showing/hiding with this visibility? I have to check (a little rusty after the holidays :sweat_smile:), but if you are trying to show/hide the container you are repeating, that might be a problem (workaround to check if this is the issue is to show/hide something within the container instead of showing/hiding the outer container).

Alright yeppp I was able to confirm this as a regression, thanks for reporting! Works in 1.9.22 but doesn’t in 2.4.24.

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I want to keep this bumped. I really want to migrate to the new runtime and this issue is all that’s keeping me from moving forward, since many of my screens contain repeated containers that toggle visibility based on formulas.

Last update I have is that it has moved to WIP end of last week, so I’d expect it to be fixed in the next version that comes after 2.4.27 (so 2.4.28 or newer).

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