New payment plans

Hi. When will we get to know this so called new payment plan after the merger with SAP?


There is no new payment plan, the platform will stay free for independent developers. Here’s our blog post with more information: Free tier is here to stay

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Yes I was referring to the same article too.

Similarly to our paid offering prior to the acquisition, there will be paid plans for enterprise customers. Going forward, we will also have paid plans that bring additional features to non-enterprise users with a reasonable price. Our philosophy stays the same, though: we do not plan to cripple the core experience of indie developers succeeding with the free product.

Ah yes of course! Unfortunately I don’t have a schedule for this yet, it’s still under works. Sorry for the wait, we’ll let everyone know as soon as we can!

Have I understood correctly, that this payment plan is not putting behind a payment anything which is now free for non-enterprise users, but it is only to give with a low price non-enterprise users possibility to get some extra tools previously been offered only for enterprise users? That would be awesome!