New Runtime 2.4.16 wrecked my app

So I just built a new apk to test out with the new Runtime beta, and side-loaded it onto my android phone to check out.

All of my screens are messed up, especially the ones that have scroll views inside of
containers. Now the containers are stretching way beyond the lengths of the screens (which now scroll when i dont want them to). Some containers have disappeared completely it seems. There seems to be some changes with Stretch-to-Viewport-Height and if the Disable Scroll is checked or not now.

In some screens where containers once fit nicely within the screen boundaries, they are now being clipped too short at the bottom of the screen. It seems setting container heights = % are calculating differently now. I dont know why else my containers are either overflowing the screen length or being cut off too short.

All of my rounded Image components are now square.

The 3D effects of my buttons are all gone.

Visually, my app is a complete mess with this new run-time. Im guessing a lot of things changed with container and scroll-view behaviors, and Page Layout settings, and Image edge properties … This is a show-stopper for me.

Please don’t remove the old run-time any time soon!

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And what is the weird animation with images that are loaded on start-up?. They start out small and grow larger…? Is that intentional?

APP ID: 158366

If you want to see for yourselves.

Is this the runtime update that also intended to fix the EAACES error, because I’m still receiving that error.

I don’t believe so. That ticket is still showing as “in progress”

@JOHN_WORSHAM thanks for the report, and don’t worry.

First of all, we will publish Preview app versions under the AppGyver Legend codename that continue to run the old runtime version (will post about this on Monday), and Build Service will continue to build the 1.9.22 runtime, so no-one will be forced to use the new runtime anytime soon.

Furthermore, we are committed to backwards compatibility, so we’re going to take a look at your app first thing on Monday, see what the issue is and fix it.

Just for completeness’ sake, did you experience/check this behaviour on just Android? What was the device and Android OS version?

@liam_rob we fixed some EACCESS issues for 2.x, but will double-check the situation – is it still just Samsung Galaxy A11 and S20 or have you reproed it on other devices too?

Thanks for having a look at it. Just be sure to look at it first with the old runtime so you can see what it should look like. Click every button to see the differences in every screen.

I only tested this on a 1 year old LG Aristo running Android 9.

Thanks again for looking into this for me.

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No worries, we’re here to serve you! :slight_smile:

It may be that i might have to take a day and go through each screen one by one and re-adjust my component settings to make them work in the new upgrade. Thats fine but the less i have to change the better it would be.

Yes, unfortunately I’m receiving the same EACCESS error for A11 and S20.

Hey @JOHN_WORSHAM, I found and identified quite a few runtime issues whilst using your app against the new runtime, and they are being worked on at this moment!
Thank you for letting us check out your app! :rocket:

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Thank you so much for the feedback! And Please feel free to explore it more if you like. It’s currently available on the app stores as well!

Hey @JOHN_WORSHAM, there should be a new Android beta update available in the PlayStore! I checked your app on it and to me it seems to be doing good with the new runtime version(2.4.17). Only thing that we are sadly not able to fix (yet) is the dropshadows on buttons.

If possible, I’d like you to check your app with the beta updates and report back if you see anything that is still broken. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I Will do that thank you!

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Do you mean there is a beta version of my app i can download? Or do you mean an update to your Appgyver emulator app?

I mean there is a new version of AppGyver beta selector in the playstore.

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Not sure what you mean by beta selector. Is it this?

Oh, did you build with the 2.4.16? How did you see these bugs that you reported at the start of this thread?

Yes i built with 2.4.16 .

You guys put the new runtime up as an open beta for everyone to build with