New Runtime 2.4.16 wrecked my app

Okay, there is going to be a new build button soon with 2.4.17. You can build with that and check the app out then.

Yes i will indeed. Thanks

Thank you Kristian - everything looks good in 2.4.17! I miss the 3D effect the box-shadows gave but I can live without that :slight_smile:

I feel MUCH much better for this upgrade now

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One thing I did notice is the size of my binary went from 40mb to 70mb. That’s pretty big!

Another thing (minor) i just now notice is the Rich Text text is a little smaller and a little more gray than black color.
You can see the difference in the chat bubbles:



Yup, seems to be a bug! (you had just minor changes to it, but any styles from the style tab do not apply anymore)

Another thing i found is that the text Input fields dont work. The keyboard doesnt appear when i try to type in the Input fields on my Bulletin and Prayer screens… Can you look at that too?

But oddly it works on the Fellowship Hall chat screen. Something is happening on the other 2 screens where im handling input focus differently…

Just FYI: On those 2 screens, I am capturing the Component OnFocus event so that I can hide / or display other containers on the screen so the typing area for the user is more visible and not covered up by the keyboard. So is this somehow causing a problem with the on-screen keyboard being displayed? Apparently the keyboard display is fired from focus on the text input, so maybe what im doing in that event is messing it up?

Ive found a work-around. Instead of setting Component Properties of containers from inside the onFocus event (.visible = true/false) I can just set a true/false Page variable and bind that variable to the component Visible properties. This seems to work Ok and not interfere with the onFocus event displaying the keyboard.

DatePicker crashes the app now

Testing another app of mine and it completely crashed on start up. I removed a Set Component Property function from inside a Component Tap event, and that seemed to fix it.

Then… Weird errors happening in repeated data lists… it shows [Object object] all the way down list…

Images that i set to be % (rather than fixed pixels) height and width are super tiny now. It’s miscalculating % of the container size they are in, or something…


So Im wondering if since my Repeat is based on a formula that determines the List Objects to repeat with, which therefore forces me to bind the Primary Label value to a formula of current.fields.Name rather than the variable directly (since it cant resolve the formula repeat and doesnt know what ‘current’ actually is at this point), if that its causing it get confused and just throw [Object object] out there.

It works fine in the 1.9.22 runtime. Just not in the new one.

Date picker should be fixed now with the public release 2.4.20. Can you confirm? We’ll look into the other items. Thanks for reporting, it’s a massive release with new architecture so these reports help to iron the kinks out quickly. Please remember that the AppGyver Legend is now available in the App Stores, and it is latest 1.x release to provide backwards compatibility for the transition time.

The Image path is now working!

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