New Runtime broke my Page Variables / bindings

Dropdown box Page Variable bindings dont work. Page Variable Changed events don’t appear to work now. Here is a before and after of my User Profile screen, where i use Page Variable bindings to Input fields - most of them didnt initialize with valid data.

Before - showing correct field data, correctly initialized

After updating Preview App - now missing/empty fields


So I had to move my Page Variables initialization from the Page Focused event to the Page Mounted event. For whatever reason the Input Box bindings fail if the Page Variables they are bound to are initialized in the Page Focus event (???)…

My other problem is on another screen my DropDown no longer works. Nothing I select in it changes the value. Is this a new bug with the newest runtime?

Im using the latest newest Appgyver Preview app for Android.

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I just verified with one of my other apps that the Dropdown Box only lets you make 1 selection. It wont change no matter what you select after that. This is definitely a bug

The Dropdown component works if it’s a primitive but not as the composite Dropdown field. I can live with this at least.

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Solutions found in bold

Hi! The dropdown issue we knew of and it’s fixed in the latest version which should become available later today or tomorrow (2.5.5 or later).

The page variable issue is new though, but I couldn’t reproduce it with the following setup:

Screenshot 2021-02-24 at 13.41.21

Can you elaborate on your setup?

If you bind that page variable to an Input Box it might not appear. Some appeared but some didnt for some reason. See my screenshots above.

To test it out create a screen with some Input boxes and bind those values to page variables that you initialize in the Page Focused event. To get them to properly appear i had to initialize the variables in the Page Mounted event.

Hm, I’m still unable to reproduce and I’d like to get to the bottom of this, so if you could still go into further detail: here is my setup.

((Note: I’m using 2.5.5, which we released yesterday, so check with the latest version if this problem might have vanished))

I have page_focused_input_value, which has no initial value and gets a value from the page focused event. This is set correctly and changed correctly every time the page opens or is navigated back to. This page is not the bottom page of the navigation stack, but rather the page I navigate to from the root page.