New Runtime Crashing


I have been trying the new runtime in Appgyver preview and the Testflight version of my app and it constantly crashes. It seems to happen when it is communicating with the API I have linked it to. It makes the app unusable.

I have updated all of the components to match is there something I’m missing?

App ID: 125481


Jan 13: Unable to access Appgyver’s mobile or desktop app previews. Just a never-ending spinning wheel.

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Also experiencing the preview app timeouts / endless spinner right now


Hi! These issues should be fixed now, if anyone still experiences these, please let us know!

Hi @Mevi ,

I am still unable to use your main AppGyver app, I can still only use the AG Legend App, not sure if this is related.


Hi! What problem are you experiencing?

Hi Mevi,

In the Appgyver app, after selecting my app, I just get the spinning wheel, the app never opens. It’s the same on iPhone and Android.

Hi Dan,

I had this already when I copied and pasted a flow and did not adjusted the output node references. → they were pointing to a non-existing one which caused the same issue you are describing.
(it was different with the old runtime for me)
Maybe its worth to check the flows?


Hi Jo,

Thank you for your reply. I am still not able to make it work. It still won’t open the app. :frowning: it’s been like this since the main update.

Two additional ideas:

  1. For some reason, I did not had the “hide Spinner” function after the app started. Did you check whether you call it in Canvas?
  2. Are you doing anything in your app before “hide spinner” executes? If yes, did you try to test purposes to remove this completely so see whether anything loads?
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Thank you Jo for your help, I still can’t it to work. :worried:

@Mevi is there a chance you can look at my app. App Id is 156736 and see if you can find the reason.


Just a note to everyone, we’re working on issues at least related to this and will let you know once we have some updates to try out!

@Dan we did some tweaks and it’s now possible to load but still takes 30 sec and sometimes fails; working on further improvements!

Hi @Harri_Sarsa, Yep the app just loaded, it did take around 30 sec as you said, but it opened. Thank you for trying to fix this, much appreciated.


The app load should no longer time out; next is improving the load speed!

Thanks @ Harri for the update. Much appreciated.

Not sure if this is related or a bug, but page variables does not open with the assigned value in the new version. I my case images.