New runtime known issues – read before posting!

EDIT: The issues mentioned below are now fixed with the latest 2.4.24 runtime!


Hey everyone!

If you haven’t yet noticed, since the runtime release last Thursday, there have been quite a few topics about things not working in the new runtime. We are super thankful for those discussions, since they help us with pinning down and fixing the issues quicker. Thank you!

With that said, many of the issues that rose with the release have been already resolved, but there are still few fixes coming in the near future. And I’d like for everyone to keep these known issues in mind before posting.

The issues are as follow:

  • Using internalPros.object.value (or privateVars / outputValues) inside of a composite components with direct biding to components e.g. paragraph value or flow functions e.g. toast, does not work.
  • Using formula internalPros.object.value (or privateVars / outputValues) as a value to components inside of a composite component, does not work. — Using it inside of a formula otherwise does work, and formula binding to flow functions also works.
  • Nested object in repeats do not work, i.e. if you repeat components with variable that has structure like in repeat, this returns [Object object] -> does not work properly.
  • In styles tab, using variables in formulas does not work, i.e. if you have IF(appVars.condition, 50, 0) formula bound to a margin property of a component, it does not work.
  • Open page flow function does not work if navigation is turned off.
  • Building apps for web with 1.9.22 runtime version will result in error.

With these in mind, if something else seems to be broken, please do post about it.
If possible include the app ID, page number and a brief description about the problem to a new topic (builder/applications/<APP ID>/pages/<PAGE NUMBER>) as these help us identify the problem much quicker.

Preview app with the old runtime is still available under the codename AppGyver Legend:

You can now still build Android and iOS 1.9.22v runtime standalone apps via the Build Service.

I want to thank every single one of you for helping us and for being awesome! :heart: