New Theme Variable - Not Working

Hi All

Missing something really simple here…

Want to tweak the theme and just cannot get the a new theme variable to feed through to a component.

For example, a ‘card’ has a MarginVertical set up as spacerbase x 2. I can edit this no problem, for example to spacerbase*1.

But if I add one for MarginHorizontal for the same;

But when I add a new card, I get no Horizontal margin…I can see I am not linking the new theme variable to the component (unless the naming convention somehow does that…).

What step am I missing? Help appreciated.

Also, I can see when I add a button it has horizontal margins of spacerbase x 1, but I don’t see that set up as a theme variable…so not sure what drives that!?


Bumping this up, hoping someone can help :slight_smile:

Hi, if you click the link icon, the theme variable you created should be visible in the list. It won’t be included by default in the component since that’s not part of the template.

spacerBase was a valid $theme variable 6+ months ago. Some update happened and now its no longer used. I have some formulas that were using it and I have no idea what it was (in pixels). Am trying to find a current $theme substitute now.