New to AG: Create/edit list of objects

Hi! I am creating an e-commerce app. Users buy different quantities of various items on the app. Eg: User A bought 3 units of Item X and 5 units of item Y. Considering slow internet in my region, updating record in the database takes time. Imagine the plight of a user buying 50 items. I was wondering if I can create a APP VARIABLE of list type having objects.

Eg: {(id234,item X, 5 units),(id224,item Y, 4 units)}

Can we create variables like this? As more and more items are bought, can we get those added to this JSON/Object? If a user chooses to edit the quantity of an ITEM, is that possible then?

Hi, you can update a list type app variable by using the Set app variable flow function with list formulas: (docs). For example adding happens with WITH_ITEM and editing an existing item with SET_ITEM :slight_smile: