New to platform- possible, hard OR easy to make an Uber clone?

Hey everyone,

I’m new to this platform and saw a couple other people asking sort of a similar question, but I wanted to pose it again in case people just missed their posts.

I’m interested in building an app that borrows similar corse principles as Uber does. The main feature that I’m very interested in is the algorithm the matches a customer with a professional while also takes pricing into account.

Does anyone here know if Appgyver comes ready out of the box with the tools to build that algorithm with? And if it doesn’t have all of the tools necessary, would I be able to install a plugin that’s already available that would make this readily possible to build on AppGyver? This is easily possible using Bubble’s platform, though you might need a free plugin to make it happen, but it would still be free and take very little time to implement. Would greatly appreciate any information and/or insights on this!

Thank you!!