New To This Tool - Exporting/importing projects

Never used this tool before, but my son has and am curious if it is possible for us to exchange - export then import and vise versa - complete projects back and forth between us? (for a variety of reasons - do NOT want to do an “enterprise” setup thing)

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Joe C.

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At the moment, organization support features such as sharing projects between users are not available in the free tier, so only a single account can have access to an app.

We do have some plans around this though, so stay tuned!

Thanks Harri,

That is disappointing, but hopefully will change soon.

Does that also mean the source code to our App is also not available accessible?

At the moment, no – the only thing exported is the compiled binary (or compiled JS/CSS/HTML for the React web app) via the build service.

We do have a code snapshot export feature for AppGyver Black that produces a compilable and GitHub-commitable Xcode/Android/React web project (even if the app code itself is very much machine-generated), so it might be we make that available at some point under the free tier too. For now though, it is definitely a SaaS tool more than a way to generate exportable code that can be worked on outside the platform.

That is disappointing - there are so many multi-platform tools out there now, both low code and no code, that kick out the source as well as the App. Sometimes having the code is the only way to follow and understand what is happening with an App under the hood, because even ‘no code’ stuff can, and often does, glitch.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Joe C.


I’d also love to see the ability to export projects. It would make appgyver a lot of power as a quickstart app builder if not a full app builder. The option to export would be a huge selling point.

Yup, we hear you guys – the difficulty is that since the app is edited visually in a format that’s optimized e.g. for visual representation of app logic, turning that into code that is well formatted for the traditional “text files in a folder structure” code editing is not trivial.

That said, we do have some ideas we hope to do RND around in the future! Meanwhile, keep the feedback coming. :slight_smile:

Sad to hear that this feature is not available in AppGyver, I thought AppGyver is just like the Flutterflow for React but it’s completely different. It’s more like App Inventor and at some stage it will have the limitations like App Inventor platforms. So again, I have to continue learn coding :frowning:

I thought appgyver was free it wasn’t, I can’t import projects into it what paid plan is that they didn’t say