New tutorial video: Movie Review App

Fresh from the oven, check it out:

Let us know what you think!

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I just finished the Movie Review App tutorial and I think it was very well done. And I learned several new concepts (the check to see if a database item exists before saving will be used MANY times over).

How about an ecommerce app tutorial next? I know its a big request, but it could easily be broken down into manageable chapters. For example:

  1. Initial Project Setup
  2. Admin Model and Database
  3. Backend Admin Authentication
  4. Settings Section
  5. Categories Management
  6. Attributes Management
  7. Brands Management
  8. Product Management
  9. Frontend Login & Registration
  10. Categories Navigation
  11. Catalog Listing
  12. Product Detail Page
  13. Shopping Cart
  14. Checkout
  15. Processing Payments
  16. Order Management
  17. Wrap Up

Hahaha… but seriously, thank you again for such a great resource!



That’s definitely a great idea and a well thought-out breakdown of the chapters! I’ll be sure to take this into consideration… A lot would depend on the specific backend services used, of course, but if the APIs are there, the frontend work would be quite reasonable.

Hi from Sydney Australia.
I have applied for the API key and I was successful.
I don’t seem to be using the right code though. There are 3 options -
Example Request
API Rad access token

Could you point me in the right direction please?

Thanks so much.


Sorry I should say that I am working on the movie review tutorial.

I have this sorted now. Cheers.

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REALLY NEED THIS !! :slight_smile:

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So checkout is possible? My recent understanding is that there is no way to accept payments. Please LMK any path that would allow accepting payments.

I know stripe can be connected with REST but without embed codes for HTML, adding the form to the page for the user to fill out isn’t possible. I hope I am wrong. Accepting payments is important, even a deal breaker to many products.

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does this app still have access. I am doing an app similar for my family and for learning api better but, the link doesn’t seem to work or is it buried in the help docs somewhere. If not, is it still possible to get the links?

Ted, I sent this to you in a private message. For everyone else, I remembered it was on Vimeo and found this: Composer Pro tutorial: Movie Review App on Vimeo