New update deleted my application home screen

After installing the new component update, app gyver deleted my home screen and replaced it with generic Log in screen. Is there a way of getting my home screen back? Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 5.27.40 PM

Hi @Lukasz_Kwiatkowski, sorry to hear. You can go to “History” on the top right and choose to rollback your app to before you applied the update. Then instead of updating everything at once, install updates one by one from the marketplace, leaving the “Log in” page unupdated.

thanks Mari… I was not aware the those update might actually mess up my app… will keep that in mind for future

Yeah, that should not be the case, we’re investigating why it happened this time. Thanks for the fast feedback!

if so, then FYI it happened on all the screens in some extent like component size or arrangement before I reverted all the changes

What’s your app ID @Lukasz_Kwiatkowski (number sequence in project URL)? It would be really helpful to us if we could make a clone of your project to fix some of those issues you’re describing. :slight_smile: