New update in appgyver

Guys the new update is not helping me at all, how ccan i get back to previous one ??

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I hear you, brother. 3.0.5 UI was really great. And as we would love to downgrade too, I guess we have to find a way, how to live with that and learn how to use the new UI. :slight_smile:

it would be good to ask a product managers what problem it actually solves - the idea of having unified styles is great but close to zero magnitude if compared to in-app purchases or 3rd party pluggins which are deal breakers and are on top of planned featured for months


@Lukasz_Kwiatkowski You are definitely right. I do have info, that 3rd party plugins are still in place with a high priority. I guess, that this update was just on the roadmap and another team was working on it. Even though 3rd plugins were supposed to be released on Q1/21, I believe that the AppGyver team is doing their best in order to deliver this feature ASAP. You still have to realize they are a small team, trying to do their best.

BTW In-app purchases are possible via Stripe API if I am not mistaken.

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thanks! you mean payment or actual in-app purchases as per apple/play store definition?

@Lukasz_Kwiatkowski Stripe implement instruction

those are just payments, probably there are multiple providers that you can integrate with but apple store does not allow it in many cases