New updates, AppGyver philosophy and upcoming roadmap

Hi all, founder of AppGyver (now lead product manager of SAP AppGyver) here. A month ago it was requested here on the forums that I’d share more frequently about what’s happening with the product, including our roadmap. I just published my latest blog post, which talks about some of the things we’re working on and also about the product philosophy.

Here you go:


Thank you! Very inspiring news. It’s great to know that your favorite no-code tool, is evolving and about to get even better. :metal:

Just please do not forget about the tasks that have been planned early (like this list) and about instructions for all the innovations. :crossed_fingers:


:metal: :laughing: | @Marko_Lehtimaki | Wow, they really are on the right track. Thanks for thinking about the open source world, it’s what really makes the difference. I’m very excited for this revolution! :rocket: :rocket:


Thanks @Marko_Lehtimaki !

Looking forward to upcoming new features and practices. I believe SAP AppGyver has a bright future.

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Thank you! Love these updates.

This is a “roadmap” without any of the landmarks or street names being displayed or labeled. Its extremely vague! Like giving people directions similar to “go down one road and turn on another”. We are constantly being told about these alleged community assets and plugins. But developers seem to remain focused on superficial assets like themes. This platform had so much potential but with misdirection, neglect, along with the ignoring of metrics and community requests, it now has competitors within the no code arena quickly surpassing it. Better handling of user data and overall data handling for non coders, full access to code and unlimited user asset integration, ai assisted coding engines. It goes on and on. Here we can’t even get timely PATCHES for the assets that are clearly broken by the updates. These patches shouldn’t take more than a week to roll out. I was hoping with this blog we’d get clear and concise answers and a real tangible timeline on the assets so many users have been frozen without. The fact that so many people praised this puff piece is astonishing to me. I’ve brought so many users to this platform but I’ve recently had to advise them to use another payed service. The community isn’t much better. I’ve witnessed them being rude to those whom aren’t as technically inclined multiple times or witnessed their questions get directly ignored. Shameless.


Thank you for sharing.

I just started a couple of weeks ago with very limited code experience. Last week I promoted my first app in the Google Play Store to open test. For years app creation was a leap to far for me. Appgyver changed that.

I praise the current update because it’s something we never got. I requested monthly updates like we get at This was the first attempt at updating. So I praise it. With others feedback these updates can get better. You bring up great points that I hope are addressed here to build our confidence.

I am on the fence about using appgyver for my projects and I hope after a few solid detailed monthly updates I’ll be more confident in the direction and use appgyver for my projects.