New user wants to build an app

I am a new user. I just want to know.

  1. Is it really 100% free to build an app here?
  2. Is it free to publish on any of the platforms? android and ios.
  3. Is there any charge i should be aware of when first publishing an app?


  1. Yes
  2. Well kinda, more info in answer 3
  3. If you want to submit your app to App Store and Google Play, you’ll have to pay some sort of yearly membership fee for both platforms. If I remember correctly, it’s something like $99 for App store and $25 for Google Play.

Just to add few info on Cecilia’s comment:
• You need to have a mac (and even better an iphone for testing) for publishing on apple app store
• Apple’s membership is payed every year
• Google is one time $25

This platform is really powerful and for us indie/newbies devs is the best thing :wink:

Thanks @Edvin_Rushitaj for the additions! Really useful information when starting app development on Composer :slight_smile:

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