New version of existing component

For existing UI components (created by me), is it possible to make a NEW copy of the component that does not edit the existing version?

Essentially, I am just looking to make a new version (with some slight variations) of an existing/original component. However, when I copy the existing/original component and try to edit it, the changes are also cascaded back to the original version.

Thanks for your help!

In the “Installed” tab, there’s option to duplicate it.

This thread may be somewhat related to the duplication of components and also talks about the problems when taking into account about duplication and that will not affect the original component or vice versa: How to convert a list section header to a container - AppGyver

It’s also good to keep in mind in case you ever want to create a compound component and duplicate it. Here’s a thread that may be interesting for you, as it covers the duplication of a duplicated component, but in this case it refers to the situation where you create your own component and duplicate it: Missing options in composer in composite component - Bug - AppGyver