Newbie: How do I sort items in an object

I am not a programmer but love AppGyver! My question is how do I sort the values that appear in an object?

My app lists clients that have check in. Currently, the last checked in client appears at the top of the list. I would like the first checked in client to be at the top of the list. The time they checked in determines the sort order. I had someone help me with the coding before, but they are no longer available. I think I found the code that needs updating. What do I need to do?

IF(GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(repeated.current.SignInTime, “hour”)> 12, GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(repeated.current.SignInTime, “hour”) - 12, GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(repeated.current.SignInTime, “hour”) ) + “:” + IF(GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(repeated.current.SignInTime, “minute”)<10,“0” +GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(repeated.current.SignInTime, “minute”), GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(repeated.current.SignInTime, “minute”)) + " " + IF(GET_DATETIME_COMPONENT(repeated.current.SignInTime, “hour”)> 12,“PM”, “AM” )

I think you put the formula:
Sort_by_key (YourList, signinTime, “desc”)
In the component that repeats your list.