[NEWBIE] How to scroll and retrieve more data

I have a data variable that has about 200 entries in it. I want to limit how much data I get back from the database to say 10 and want to retrieve more when the user scrolls. Any idea how I can achieve that?

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Not actually sure if we’re exposing a way to react to reaching the end of a list; this is definitely coming with our upcoming major upgrade to the client runtime, which also allows you to use RecyclableList to render essentially infinite lists. I’ll get back to you with what’s possible today; at least you can add a “load more” button at the end which would trigger a fetch for more data.

Are you integrating with a REST API? What sort of query parameters does the API provide; limit and skip or something like that?

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Thank you! I’m using the AppGyver storage right now. The Load More button is a great option. However, in order to fetch the next batch, how can I send it a startIndex?

Ah, looks like Skip input argument is not enabled. T_T Will do that in next release, follow https://tracker.appgyver.com/feature-requests/p/enable-skip-parameter-for-appgyver-cloud-database-data-variable for updates.

FYI, this is now available!

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Thank you!! Look forward to using it!

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@Harri_Sarsa Did you guys have the chance to create something to reaching the end of a list/bottom of page/whatever? If so, where could I find documentation on that?


A big plus one for this feature. I’m in the early stages of building my app on Appgyver. I’m planning to use Bubble for my backend and expect this feature to improve UX and performance quite a bit. In the meantime, I’d love to see an example of this implementation you suggested. @Ashwin_Gapchup how have things worked out for you?

Recycler list is coming with our 2.X client release, so until then the best option is to create the “Load more…” button to fetch more data. I would do this probably by using the SLICE formula from all the data in the app if you can have all of the data loaded on e.g. global canvas, but Harri’s advice about LIMIT and OFFSET works perhaps even better, if your API supports that and don’t want to load all data at once.

@Mevi When you talk about “Recycler list”, is this the “Recycler view” beta component ?

Is there any documentation on how to use it to enable infinite scroll on paginated results from a REST API ?

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Hi! Yes, Recycler view is what I meant. I don’t think there are any tutorials on that topic though, unfortunately.

@Mevi ok thanks.

The “onEndReached” Event is never triggered when I reach the end of the list (AppGyver iOS app last version available)

I’m not the only one experiencing that issue apparently : Recycler View - Component onEndReached not triggered - #3 by Farid_Patel

Any idea how to solve that ?


As commented on the other thread, that event isn’t unfortunately supported yet.

Any update on this one? looks like there are many things promised in the next major release but when it will be out?

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Sorry to bump this up, I’ve noticed this function in the documentation but I cannot find it in the marketplace. Does it actually exist? Scroll recycler view to offset - Composer

Tagging you @Mevi since you seem to know the most about this topic. Thanks!

Hey guys, I still haven’t got a response. It would be quite helpful if someone could either let me know where I can find this function or have the documentation updated with what is actually available and what isn’t.

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I’m following the thread trying to catch if event onEndReached has been fixed. Could someone tell me if now is working or when it will be fixed?