Newbie (Nondeveloper) Questions

I am looking to build an app to simplify some of the workflows for our small business, however, I am not a developer and so I have a few basic questions:

  1. are there any pre-existing templates? (like a login page and associated logic for example)
  2. once I am done building the app - how do i distribute it to my workforce? through the android/ios app stores? is it free?
  3. where does the app “live”? do i have to download the code and load it somewhere else?
  4. what about our data, where does that live? two of the key things this app will do is create records for our residents (name, email, phone, etc.) and create an invoice that can be directly pulled into QuickBooks online, I figure all that has to be stored somewhere, should i be looking for a different service to host this?

Thanks in advance for any help. Sorry if these seem like obvious questions.

  1. If you enable Direct third party authentication type via the Auth section in the global toolbar at the top, you get a barebones login page, where you can then implement your own logic for authing with your backend. Alternatively, you can use the AppGyver hosted user management feature, where we host the users for you. Finally, the Pages section of the Marketplace has a few templates at the moment (namely Pick date). More are coming soon!
  2. Distribution is free if you are a small company. You need to configure your build settings via the Build Service (available under the Launch section in the global toolbar at the top), which will then produce an Android APK or iOS IPA binary as though it was built by you using Xcode/Android Studio, which you can then send to the App Stores. As with any Android apps, you can always distribute the APK directly to your users, and Apple offers Apple Business Manager for closed-group distribution.
  3. The app “lives” in AppGyver’s Cloud (hosted in the US via Amazon Web Services). You can use the AppGyver Preview app from App Store or Google Play to view the app on your device as you develop (or use for the web preview), and then once you’re satisfied, package it for distribution to the app stores using the Build Service as described above.
  4. You can use the AppGyver Cloud Storage for your data, though on the free tier, it’s meant for testing rather than full-scale production use. Alternatively, you can host your own backend and connect to it via REST APIs, which can provide more flexibility and control.