Newbie: Page Parameter Tutorial

Hi everyone. Sorry for such a newb question in advance. First day on Appgyver (very cool!) and no real experience with platforms like this. I made it through all the tutorials but for some reason could not get the Page Parameter tutorial to work properly. I tried several times but my page parameter was never passed to my Empty Page’s button. I attached a screenshot. I want to at least master all the tutorials before I start my own project. Thanks.

Hi, great to have you here!

You have to define the Page parameter on the page you want to open. Then from the page that uses Open page you define the value you want to pass on to the page about to open. That value can be bound to a static text, some variable value, etc. So it doesn’t have to be a Page parameter on the first page that you want to pass to the next page.

It seems that in your screenshot you are about to open 2nd Page and it has Page parameter myParameter defined which is good :+1: Then the issue might be just that you haven’t selected any binding type for myParameter. In that case, just click the button you’ve circled and select e.g. Static text which then will allow you to define text for myParameter to pass on to 2nd Page.


I am new to composer pro. I am trying to take a photo and pass an image to a page but I can’t seem to find the image parameter for the page.


Is there a video tutorial on this?

Hi! Sounds like you might benefit from this tutorial video!

I am a newbie to this too. I know this is an old topic, but I am running into the same problem.
I am following the tutorial step by step and I am 100% sure I am doing the same as in the video.
But I am running into the same problem.
I have bound the page to my 2nd page but at Parameters, I also have an X
I had removed everything and started again.
But still running into the same problem.
In this topic, there is a video, but it is different from what the tutorial is teaching.
So I am stuck.
I did remove everything several times and started over several times. Every time make sure that I am doing the same as in the tutorial, but no luck.
Getting a little frustrated.
It is a shame I cannot finish this part of the tutorial.
Maybe someone has the right answer for this.
Thanks in advance.

Hi! Please show screenshots of your setup so I can see where the issue could be :slight_smile:

Hi Mevi,
Here is the screenshot.
As you can see, at the page parameter I have an X. This is not as in the video.
In the video, I am at 1:37

And here a screenshot of the page parameter.

Hi! So please click at the “X” and change it to the value you need to pass as page parameter :slight_smile: