Newbie - Photo app where the picture is not viewable by user

Hello to all appgyvers helpers :wink:

I’m new here and trying to learn fast doing the maximum of tutorial that I can find.

But before starting my app project I would like to know if my idea is something that I can do with low code.

First I need to manage to access the users camera, and I would like to personalize some butons in that page (camera view, front and rear, and add a personalized menu bar in that same page)

And also, when the picture is taken, I want that it get saved in a temp file and sent to a server. The user can’t see that picture.

Sorry for my english and I hope that one of you ill be able to help me. Thanks a lot

That looks a lot like a privacy nightmare when we think about the user which will use the app… He will take a picture, but couldn’t see what will be sent to server? Yes, he or she will see it on the preview when it’s taken but couldn’t see the final image the device created.

Anyway, you can take a picture although as far as I can see there is no way to customize interface… Yes, there is option to change labels on the interface etc. but other than that there is no customization option. As I understand Take Photo flow logic opens a full screen photo preview, so there is no way to add a menu bar on that page… Correct me if I’m wrong.

Hakan_ATAC thanks for your answer. Yes, what I would like to do is to simulate a old camera like a kodak camera. So the user can’t see the image after taking the picture.

And also, I would like to simulate the numbers of pictures that he has left on his film. So if he stars with 24 clichés, He will be able to receive them just after a period of time.