(Newbie) POST API Using Airtable as my database

I am able to create a new record in my Airtable table, but its blank.

I basically used the the same example as in the “Create Data” tutorial but just used REST API Integration and enabled POST instead of the AppGyver cloud storage option.

Get (all) works perfectly and I can list all my records.

Is there a different way you set up your ‘Input field’ and ‘Create Record Button’ when you use REST API Integration?

If you can share your app ID and give us permission to take a peek, that would be the most straightforward way to troubleshoot – it should work the same as AG cloud storage, but there’s a few places that could be misconfigured, so I’d need a bit more info to find out what’s wrong.

Hi Thank you for your response.

I was able to figure out how to create a new record. But I dont know if it is the correct method.

I first bound my input field and button with a ‘NewData Variable’, and for some reason, when I type text in the ‘Input Field’ and press the ‘Button’, no new records was created.
If I left the ‘Input field’ blank and just pressed the Button, a blank record was created.

So I tried binding my ‘Input Field’ and ‘Button’ to a Page Variable instead. It worked it created the record that I typed into the “Input Field”.

PS: I am not sure where to find the app ID and how to give you permission if you guys still wanted to take a look at it. I am still very new to this environment :grin:

The app ID is the number in your browser address bar!

Not quite sure how exactly your logic is set up from that description, so happy to take a look once you share the app ID. Just you saying it’s OK for us to check it is enough for permission.

Sure you have my permission. :slight_smile:

App ID is 95443

Any chance you could share the solution in a more elaborate way? How did you setup data in appgyver composer? Which airtable variables were you required to set? What is the return values? How did you configure the logic elements?

Unfortunately I was not able to understand and reproduce your solution. Thank you!