Newbie question - Is a Mac required for Appgyver?

I am a Windows user.
I read in the documentation that Xcode is required in order to publish to the iOS App Store. Is this correct?

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Yes it is required to have Xcode to publish iOS apps

Thanks for replying but ‘ouch’ - I so wish I had realised that prior to spending so much time checking-out the platform (which I like). I will have to find a different platform :frowning:

You need an Apple Developer account, and Im pretty sure to get one of those you need an Apple Mac of some kind.

@JOHN_WORSHAM And that would also be the case for alternative platforms, such as Adalo.

Hmmm… I guess I could pay someone to do that part of the job - or spend £1K on a Mac that I have no other use for.

Apple Developer accounts are tied directly to the Apple User Account of whoever owns the Mac that is used to upload the binary to their App Store. So you would literally need to own the Mac yourself for your Developer account to be under your name. Otherwise it will exist under whoever owns the computer account. If that makes any sense.

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It does make sense. I do have an iPhone and therefore an Apple User Account. A Mac Mini is £700. Hmmm…

Mac Minis are the way to go in my opinion. We got ours for about $600

Yes. There are plenty of re-furbished ones on eBay. I would need to do some research on what is needed. Maybe it’s best to get a new one for an extra £300 on the price of an older second hand model.

You could also try the “hackingtosh” way

Hey @Tony_Radford ,

I also only have Windows and use the free plan of to upload the IPA files to iOS store.
With this, you dont need a Mac but ideally you have an iPhone or iPad to test.



@Johannes Wow - this is good news. Thanks for the tip!

That is good to know.

Or you could do it with your windows machine inside a VM Ware environment :wink:

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Maybe hosting with Mac mini (colocation) might be a good idea, there are some different services for it (use google). But you still need an iPhone or iPad in order to enrolling in the Apple Developer Program.

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I have just uploaded my app to the apple store using

Thanks for the advice.


Hi @Dan , @Johannes,

both of you shared, that you

  • use successfully to distribute your iOS-apps to the app store
  • get the required steps covered on Windows.

Can you please share some details about how you did it?

  • first of all: how did you generate the iOS Distribution certificate (.p12) in order to prepare the input for the iOS (.ipa) builds?
  • any other hurdles you learned about on your way?

Your guidance would be highly appreciated! :pray:

Hi @stayfoolish

I did use and after a few attempts to set it up, I found it very easy to use.

You still have to generate the .p12 file like everyone else. See this guide:

This file is uploaded to The only other hurdle I found was that the free version will only allow you to upload a set amount of files and data to the app store before you have to pay.


Hi @Dan,

well, the linked guideline starts with “You need access to a Mac computer”. Do you use a Mac?

In my understanding the purpose to use in the first place was to avoid buying a otherwise useless Mac and distributing the app with Windows instead. Like posted by @Johannes above:

There is quiet a few videos on YouTube that takes you through the p12 steps on a windows computer.

I would follow them as they are quite detailed as it is a long process to write in just words.

Not sure this helps but it is possible to do without a mac computer.