Newbie Questions: How to Open Third Party Apps

Hi All, Sorry to bother but how would I open a third party app for android and for ios? In my app, I need a button where once tapped, it opens Instagram. Apologies if this was answered already.

You can open it by opening an url starting with the apps’ urischeme as protocol.

in instagrams case by quick googling I found this

so if you open url instagram://app it would open instagram on your phone.


Worked liked a charm!! Thank you!

In my case I needed to open a specific user so I used the following

@Sasu_Makinen How can I go about checking to see if Instagram(or any other app) is or is not installed?

You can use “Can open URL?” flow function to check that.

Yes!! that worked. Thank you. I have to remember to check the component market for additional features.