Newbie: sort and filter data from airtable

Hi all, i’m new to appgyver and i’m not a top programmer. I have connected airtable to a project I am developing, but I cannot filter and sort the data.

What I would like to do is sort the data by date and only display the seven days after today (screenshot). I would need help at least to understand how to orient myself.

Thanks a lot to everyone

Hi there, nice to have you with us!

Having created the list I think you’re familiar with ‘repeat with’.
Creating sorted list is then just a matter of binding ‘repeat with’ with a formula that sorts your data in-place. In this thread you can find one example of sorting data with either SORT_BY_KEY or ORDER formula functions: Sort object using SORT_BY_KEY

Also this tutorial describes some of the sorting and filtering options:

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your help,
I did various tests but I can’t figure out where to insert the formula. I am not clear about the various steps: do I need to create page variables? How do I connect them with the airtable data? Where should I insert the formula to sort and limit the displayed data?

I apologize for my ignorance on this matter.

Thanks so much


Okay, let’s start from the beginning First, have you managed to create a data resource for your Airtable data?