Newbie Windows Questions

Hello there. I have some basic questions that I hope someone can help me with regarding the capabilities of AppGyver before I dive into development. I did search for answers before posting on the forum but what I found was ambiguous at best. The program seems to learn more towards Mac vs PC.

  1. Can AppGyver create a stand alone windows desktop application to be commercially distributed via .exe or .msi? (replacing MS forms and Visual Studio)
  2. Does AppGyver link directly, possibly embed, and play well with SpaciaLite (SQLite) and postGIS (postgresSQL)
    I apologize in advance if I’m missing something obvious.


Hello David!

  1. On the desktop side AppGyver focuses on web apps so it’s currently not possible to build Windows desktop apps with our product.
  2. You can integrate any database with a REST API interface with Composer, so an extra layer would be needed. Looks like this can be done for a PostgreSQL database with PostgREST, here’s also a tutorial using postGIS I found. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information. Maybe in the future you can integrate Windows .exe into your platform? In the US the majority of business (outside tech) run on PC rather than Mac and due to security and performance issues many would prefer a stand alone or internal sever based application.

Best of luck with your new association with SAP.

Regards, Dave

David Bickerstaff
Bickerstaff Associates, inc