NextGen programming language

Hello, I am new here, first of all I would like to congratulate you, AppGiver is a fantastic idea and I am sure that visual programming is the next step in the development history of programming, because the coding environment has not changed since the 60s. For example in 2022 it still requires 40-50 characters type to tell the computer to print something on the screen in specific design and area.

My questions:

(1) Does AppGyver has such functionality as high-level programming languages, with which you can execute essentially any logic? Or it has a limited functionality yet and is it constantly being developed? If so, then is the goal for AppGyver to completely replace orthodox programming to visual programming?

(2) Can I use AppGyver in webdesign for making animated scenes on mouse hover effect like in css+javascript? I mean I have design elements and I want to use them on website which then the user can trigger with scrolling or mousemove and animation will start. For example showing background on mousemove, background parallax effect on mousemove, put an object in motion along a path…etc

Thanks for answers.