NFC read, write and lock capability with javascript

Dear all,

Greeting from Italy, and happy new year!

I am very new with AppGyver, I have been using Glideapp for one app and while looking for news I found your composer and it seems very powerful.

I do not know anything about coding, but I see that in your app there is the opportunity to add javascript code, and make it run in the app (I hope I understood correctly).

That’s my question:

Would it be possible to interact with the NFC reader inbuilt in a mobile phone to read the UID and store it in a database, then write a txt on the NFC tag and lock it making it read only?

In case it would be possible even without javascript code, this would be wonderful…But I did not find any component regarding nfc

This would be very useful for the idea I have in my mind.

Thank you very much!

have a plesant day to everybody!


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Anyone here who can give at least an idea if this would be or not possible?


Does anyone could please reply to me?
@Mari @Cecilia_Berg @Mevi I see you are a team member from other topics, maybe you can give me a reply…
thank you very much!

Hi! NFC would require a plugin that supports it. We don’t provide such a plugin ourselves, but with third party plugin support you would be able to include it yourself. This feature is coming, but it’ll still take some months before we get to it.

Dear @mevi , thanks for your reply…do you have an estimation about when this could be possible? This feature would be the base of the app I have in my mind and if it is going to be available later than 3 months I should probably give up with appgyver and look for something different… Thank you!

Hi! The current plan is to get it out during Q1/21, but as we have been delayed with getting runtime 2.4.X to have no more regressions against 1.9.22, I can’t say for certain, unfortunately. I’d recommend having a look at your options in any case if you’re under time pressure, just so you don’t get into trouble :sweat_smile: