No authentication

for the love of god what is the problem ?
cant enable any auth type whatsoever

Hi, when was this app created? If you choose “Remove authentication”, you should get the option to re-add it as either Firebase auth or direct third party authentication.


I had created the app 40 days ago, and I did all the docs details for firebase auth, and it’s not working, so I create two other apps, one as the main app and the other as a test app
, and both are not working, I start to give up -_-!
So, all three apps do not work for auth.

Hi, sorry to hear. What do you mean by the auth not working, do you see the above screen in apps that you created just now?

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when I enable the firebase auth, the app creates the login page and make it the first one
in the appgyver preview, it seems to work but when I go to the auth section its show the above image in the post (no auth)
and the super problem is when I enable the auth firebase and build the app for android
and add (app.keystore) and (google-servise.json) and complete all the requirements
when installing the app it shows me only a white screen on start and that is all
when I remove the auth and remove firebase flow functions and install the app after create its work 100%
My hole problem with this wonderful platform is the auth XD

Hi, okay, thanks for the info! Have you enabled the Firebase connector on the Data tab and added the Android configuration there? What is your app ID (six numbers in Composer URL)?

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I am an IT engineering so I might not know some of the settings or I might not know it at all XD the ID: 358257 I am so thankful to you and it’s a pleasure to know you sir

and could you please tell me way when I build the app with firebase auth the app it’s not working at all (only white screen on the beginning)

Hi, you can find the instructions for setting up Firebase here: Google Firebase connector - Composer.

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did you find anythink wrong with the app ?

i did see the docs before i write this post so it’s not something new … if you just tell me what is wrong it will be so helpful

Hi, there seems to be a bug on the auth tab, we’re working on it. As to the built app opening to a blank screen, I’m not sure why that is happening, but you can try building with the “get Firebase device token” flow mentioned by Kristian here:

it seems i start to be annoying little bit so i am sorry for that but i used that flow function on my all apps before that and allowance the same results

Okay, we’re looking into the Firebase/blank page issue, I’ll update you once we’re able to fix it.

If you want to help us with debugging, the next step would be to use adb on your computer with the Android device running and connected to the computer. You can use logcat to get a log of what is happening on the device to find out the exact cause of the error: