No back button for Preview PDF

Hi, does anyone know how I can show a back button once a modal window is displayed to show a chosen PDF. Once I reach the PDF there is no way of getting back and I have to exit the app?

Thank you

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You are right, the user experience isn’t convenient on mobile devices. Having a “back button” would be a valuable feature!
A way to return to the previous page is to swipe from left to right. But this is not reliable, because it takes many attemps and it is not sure that all users will try “swiping” 5x until it works…

Seems like a massive flaw! My app’s now dead in the water

I’ve got to try this, because that might be a showstopper for me later in my app.
Can you tell me how you were trying to show a PDF?
Is it from a link in a data field? Is there a data flow function for PDFs?

Hi Luke, I would like to understand exactly what is going on with you.

My application loads PDF files, but the functionality of the phone itself, to return to the previous screen, is visible and functional.

You can go back to the screen that called the PDF.

Maybe I didn’t quite understand what’s going on with you, so your post implying that it would be nice to have a back button was a bit confusing to me.

Hi Leo,
maybe we are talking about different operating systems here? I’m using an iPhone and there is no such back-button:

Ok, I got it. It must be on account of the operating system then.

Here I am using devices with Android installed.

On all screens the device’s own navigation mechanisms are visible at all times. It’s those 3 main buttons that remain visible at the bottom of the screen, The device’s navigation buttons.

Hi all,
I added this topic to the tracker. Let’s hope there will be an update in the near future…

@jaymer_jaymer @Luke_Flannery @Leo_Sussuarana
Please give your vote in the tracker to highlight it for the development team.

Luke, where is the PDF? is it from a link on the web?
What method are you using to show the PDF?
I’ve only used WebView and it works perfectly for me on the Apple phone emulator. Have not deployed a real app yet.
Will try Android soon.

Hi @jaymer_jaymer,
there is a flow function called “Preview PDF”. Luke referenced to it in the title of the tread ‘No back button for Preview PDF’.

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Exciting news: the back button is now implemented :sunglasses:

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