No component market on left side when double clicked on a component in view( component style editor)

when the component style editor is opened the component market is not visible. because of which i cannot add a new component.

Hi, this is the Component Style Editor where you can edit the component styles. If you want to edit the component template, go to Component Template Editor in the sidebar:

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Thanks for the response but when I am inside the component style editor the side bar with components disappears which limits me to not drag or drop a component on the selected component

Yes, you need to go to the component template editor to drag and drop new components onto the canvas. You cannot do that in the style editor.

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Thank you, Is component template editor is restricted for only few components? Because I found no such option for button,image.

Yes, there are some primitive components such as Image, Button, Toggle, Input and Container that are not made from other components, so their template cannot be changed on the canvas.

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